Exploding the Myth : The Problem of Photographic "Evidence"
by Fujioka Nobukatsu

This article is the official homepage translated version of a chapter on photographs from "Za Reipu obu Nankin no Kenkyu" (Study of "The Rapeof Nanking") co-written by Fujioka Nobukatsu and Higashinakano Shudo, published in Tokyo, 1999, from Shoden-sha. It has been offered for this site by special kindness from the author.

1. Manipulation of Documentary Photos in China / Fanning Flames of Hate
in the USA

2. "Comfort Women Being Rounded Up" are actually Villagers Returning
    from Working in the Fields

3. Photo of a Flame-throwing Tank That Didn't Exist in 1937

4. Corpses of Nanking Citizens" on the Banks of the Yangtze were actually
    those of Combatants

5. "Sword Practice" on a Chinese is actually a Propaganda Photograph

6. A Japanese Soldier about to Decapitate a Chinese Man?

7. Severed Head with Cigarette: A Photographer's Joke?

8. Severed Heads has No Connection with Nanking

9. "Japanese Military Police Officers Inspecting Civilians" actually Shows the     Segregation of Civilians from Soldiers

10. Watching the Bayoneting of a Chinese Citizen?

11. Photograph of "Rape Victim" is actually Souvenir Photograph
    Taken at a Brothel

12. Other Photographs of Dubious Provenance